Don’t you just hate it when…

I have a beautiful Anny Blatt Super Angora Scarf. Let’s make that ‘had’. It’s always had a will of its own, a tendency to want to get away. A few weeks ago at the theatre a gentleman came up to me with it in hand ‘This looks so expensive I should have kept it’ he said as he gave it back to me. When in Adelaide last week, clearly somebody else did think better of returning it.

It’s the Feather and Fan scarf from Scarf Style (6 balls of ABSA, sob) and maybe the very name made it inclined to float away. I should have called it something heavy.


4 thoughts on “Don’t you just hate it when…

  1. You know what, I was on that same trip and I had a scarf that Cathy didn’t like, more so the yarn than anything & so I had to go and lose it as well & lose it I did, however mine was heavy and some trusty soul has captured it and has it caged up for my return feathers and all…


  2. Boo hoo! Maybe the Feather and Fan scarf will make it’s way back to you still… and then load up the ends with some tassles or pom poms. That will teach it! I can picture it flying around out there somewhere…


  3. When I was young I used to lose my keys all the time. My mum ended up buying me a chain so they were tied to me. Over the next 25 years I have managed to build up this habit of checking for my keys every minute when I am not seated in one place. I am still just as absent minded but don’t lose the keys because of the habit. Mind you it is frustrating having to check for my keys all the time, a state of mind I have no choice in

    The point to my story is that if this is a regular thing there is a chance you may build up a habit of checking for the next one more regularly.

    This is the 1st comment I have ever left on a BLOG, so it might be suspect.


  4. Like Jamie, this is the first comment I’ve ever left on a “blog” and I feel quite self conscious probably because I haven’t really got anything to say except that we enjoyed Friday night too and look forward to seeing you soon.


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