Internet recipe reviews

You know those interactive recipe sites like Epicurious. You try the recipe, come back and review it. So often this happens:

‘This is the worst bolognaise recipe ever. Avoid at all costs’ No stars.

I glance through the recipe and it looks pretty much your bog standard bol: beef mince, onions, a little chicken liver of course, etc etc, some cream at the end. How bad could it be? The review reads like this:

‘We’re vegan so I used vegie-burger mix instead of the mince. My boys don’t like onions so I left them out, but I noticed I had a bit of pumpkin left over from our vegan roast last night, so I thought “hey, can’t hurt to throw that in”. I’m on a diet so I used coffee lite instead of cream and Natasha, well, she’s boycotting parmesan cheese on account of how Italy cheated their way to a win over Australia in the World Cup so I used that liquid orange cheese instead. You get it in a plastic bottle at the supermarket. Even the dog hated this recipe.’



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