Cabernet Ribs finished!

This simple pattern caused me unnecessary angst. I was concerned from the outset about ribs+bust adding up to less than a good look and the group knotions on Ravelry, run by Savannahchik gave me all sorts of ideas. Add short rows to the rib – tried that, didn’t like it – change to st st at bust for adding short rows, tried that didn’t like it – in the end I went for the most simply measure of adding several stitches each end approaching the bust. Outcome: fine. I knitted the smallest size, but it is incredibly elastic without looking daggy stretched across the chest.

Size: small
Yarn: Zara + Kidsilk Haze
Modifications: a few extra stitches at side to account for bust and I left the area between the V-neck plain. I hated the way the joins looked between the two strands of yarn and the one when I began following the instructions for this part. I figured I’d leave it bare, do a straight-forward V-neck and I could always add something to it later if desired. But so far I like it plain.
Pattern: Easy-as TV knitting. I intend to extend the idea to summer tops, with the idea of a tank top with diaphanous sleeves.


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