Reflections on Knitting Bags part one

Last week Knit, Knit, Knit was ruminating on the subject of knitting bags. Evidently her knitting has come to a hiatus due to the wet weather her end of town.

Sonia’s coming around to the idea that a waterproof knitting bag would be a very good thing and naturally she is envious of my Lexi Barnes Lady B, which in fact is in the Bali Hai pattern, a subtle combination of colour and pattern. Not. But it did prompt a ‘cool’ from the 17 year old serving at my local coffee shop.

Now, I’m prepared to agree with Sonia that one either is a psychedelic ‘sixties pattern lover or one isn’t. But gee, as one who isn’t, I’m here to say that it is still a bag I’ve gotten attached to. If I might quote from the blurb for this bag , ‘features include: water-resistant fabric, 17 reinforced interior pockets, durable zipper closure, side wings, protective padding, slim exterior pocket, and our signature non-slip shoulder straps with a 9″ drop’.

It is true, like others have mentioned, a divider down the middle of this bag would be good. But it is a great bag to knit from all the same. And as you can imagine, on a cold winter’s night, on your way back from the Richmond Knitting Group, who could run you over as you cross the road, with that blazing beacon of good taste hanging off your shoulder?. Only a died-in-the-wool Lexi Barnes hater.

There’s only one problem with my Lady B waterproof knitting bag. I like it too much to take it out in the rain. My photographer thinks that is so weird.


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