Good intentions for my end of winter knitting.

It’s time to clean up my winter knitting. No more new projects, only the finishing of started ones, oh yes, including the ones started last winter.

So, what does that leave me doing?

  • 1 Digit Shawl by Jane Slicer Smith

    What fun this is! I’m ambitiously hoping to have this finished in a week’s time. 2009 update: finished!

  • 2 Anny Blatt Super Angora simple drop shoulder jumper in red. I’m taking this away week after next, hoping to finish it while away. 2009 update: finished and a disaster. Way too small and drop shoulders only work if they are oversized. I look like a round fuzzy furry ball. Yuck!
  • 3 Josephine

    I’m knitting this in black cashmere, planning to use some Cleckheaton Silky Faux Fur as the trim. This was one I started last winter….I’ve knitted the front and back, so it’s half way done.

  • 4 Striped Jacket

    A Garnstudio pattern, fun to knit until I discovered at some point the WS becomes the RS. My wrong side was a complete shambles, and I put this away, depressed. However, I’m come around to the view that I can ignore that instruction, make the RS the right side and just get on with it. 2009 update: finished!

  • 5 Oh, and finally, a Cleckheaton jumper

    I’m knitting this in black RYC Cashsoft. Very nice to knit with and an interesting pattern: the construction is to knit a lace shrug from side to side and then pick up stitches to knit the body in the round. I’m not even a ball of yarn into this one, so a lot of work to do. I’m using a yarn which scarcely even in the same ball park as the one which is supposed to be used, which is a mohair…hoping I can get away with that. 2009 update: finished!

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