Vogue Diamond Stitch Pullover

This pattern is from Very Easy Vogue, a book which has quite a nice selection of patterns which aren’t too challenging, but still have interesting style to them.

This was one of the first things I knitted and to be frank I found it traumatic, but worth the angst. It’s a favourite winter sweater and really, when I look close up I didn’t do such a bad job, though you will spot the odd mistake:

Pattern: Diamond Stitch Pullover from Very Easy Vogue
Yarn: Jaeger Chamonix. What a wonderful yarn. Was it discontinued because it came out in such a lousy range of colours? Oh Jaeger, how could you treat such a yarn so badly? It is light as a feather, warm, butter-soft, a cable construction which doesn’t pill. And you can pop it in the washing machine on a delicate wool cycle.
Modifications: I didn’t pick up enough stitches around the neck which is smaller than it should be, as a consequence. Wasn’t experienced enough to feel comfortable about unpicking my handiwork, so I had a head-shrink instead.
Thoughts: classic easy pattern, would knit again.


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