Reflections on knitting bags part three

Yesterday Melanie – teabird to those on Ravelry – responded to my comments on knitting bags:

I’m always looking for the bag that will hold my stuff AND make me feel like I really can finish the projects inside. I want utility and a pep talk – that’s a lot to ask from a bag, yes?

Now I am quite enchanted with this idea. So, Melanie…you want a knitting bag that means business. A bag that is a bit of bully. One that says ‘kiddo, if you are taking me out, you’d better be doing some knitting’. A bag, perhaps, that wants a change of attire, that gets sick to death of having that same project in it month after month – or is it worse than that? Do the months drag into years? A bag that says ‘How dare you treat me like this?’

Thinking along those lines is making me feel guilty. In my Zelda Weekender I have a lovely project which I thought I would knock off early this winter, but in fact, it is just sitting, neglected, because I have the sulks with it. I need to get that project out of there, don’t I? Put it in some other container. Punish the project, don’t punish the bag…


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