Jumper in Louisa Harding Kimono Angora

This is a bog-standard drop shoulder jumper in a rather lovely yarn. Louisa Harding Kimono Angora has the same composition as Anny Blatt Super Angora – 70% angora, 30% wool – at a fraction of the cost. They are certainly not identical yarns. Kimono does not have the extravagantly expansive nature of AB Super Angora. It is much flatter. It sheds more as well. But it does NOT shed a lot. And it is good on the pilling front too.

Pattern: Drop-shoulder with rolled edges, no shaping.
Yarn: Lousia Harding Kimono Angora. Lovely colourway to which I have not done justice. I’ve bought more of this, enough for a few more sweaters.
Modifications: Only unintentional. Look at the photo below. See the rolled neck? Not. I did it back to front, okay? I’d like to say this was because it was early on in my knitting career, but actually it is some special knack I have. This collar reminds me of my three-point-turns. I don’t drive, never have, but I did learn when I was a kid and my father thought he still have a bit of teaching left in him, more’s the pity. I’d do about the first half of a three-point-turn just fine, but at some point I’d somehow manage to go backwards and I always ended up back right where I started. I never actually completed a three-point-turn. Boy did that irritate the daylights out of my father.
Thoughts: I love this pattern….I’ve knitted two jumpers in it so far, with more to come. You can play with the pattern at your whim. You can’t see, but I have used a Nicky Epstein edge for the bottom of the body and the sleeves – it is so similar to a rolled edge that I might not have bothered.


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