Sublime Passion

I’m not talking about last night, either….which I spent on my own. It’s this:

Why is it that so few are knitting this cute pattern? One project on Ravelry!

Sublime Feather and Fan
Sublime Feather and Fan

Is it possible not to love that feather and fan pattern?

Pattern: Passion Feather and Fan Sweater Sublime #603, The most Luxurious Sublime hand knit book
Yarn: Rowan Calmer. This was the first time I’ve knitted with Calmer and I’m so glad I’ve lots more of it in my stash. Lovely to knit, to wear, happy to be thrown in the washing machine.
Modifications: none. I did crochet some flowers in the same yarn which I pin on from time to time.
Thoughts: Sublime take great lengths to make sure their patterns are easily accessible by inexperienced knitters. Thoroughly recommended. Haven’t tried their yarn yet, though I have some in my stash.


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