Calling Mrs Mestel

Mrs Mestel. Take a look at this photo please:

Jonathan Mestel GM, GM, GM, QGAM
Jonathan Mestel GM, GM, GM, QGAM

Does your husband behave like this at home? In bed at 11 o’clock – AM, folks – watching bridge on the internet while eating dried apricots? (My fearless photographer had to be quick to get this shot…he was dummy at the time.)

In case you are wondering what the letters after Jonathan’s name are:

GM: chess grand master
GM: chess problem solving grand master
GM: bridge grand master
QGAM: quite good at maths

Eventually he did run out of food in his bedroom, at which point the intrepid traveller could be spotted at Yum Cha in Chinatown:

Surrounded by the local talent.
Surrounded by the local talent.

From left to right, Darryl Johansen chess GM, Mestel, Guy West, chess IM. You can see a TV interview Darryl did with George Negus a while back here.


2 thoughts on “Calling Mrs Mestel

  1. 11 am that is not too bad.. If he has stayed up all night and is just hitting the sack at that time and going to sleep with a few bridge hands I completely approve.!!!!

    I am usually asleep by 5am so he is completely aceing me.


  2. This former picture was once on this venerable QGAM’s website. Alas, it has long since disappeared. Why he does not want it as the image by which he is known to the world, I do not know. It could not represent him more aptly!

    Incidentally, for completeness of reference, the total order on the set of Mestels goes Solomon > Leon > Jonathan > David. It even forms a complete lattice, I think you’ll find.


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