The Digit Shawl. Or Shrug? Or Shawl? Part one

Why part one? Because I can’t decide whether it is to be a shrug – my first intention – or a shawl. So, for now, pictures of the shawl version and some discussion of the pattern.

Digit Shawl Signatur Knits
Digit Shawl Signatur Knits

Pattern:Be warned. There are two versions of this pattern. The first is on Signatur Handknits website and it is approx. $40US. From the description on the website it is quite a detailed pattern with pictorial support and lots of detail on sizing options etc. But Jane Slicer-Smith is involved with Trendsetter Yarns and consequently some of her patterns can also be acquired as a Trendsetter Yarn pattern. I bought mine, for example, from Janette’s Rare Yarns It was about $12 US. Maybe I should have known that it would be relatively mean and nasty compared with the Signatur Handknits version, but I didn’t.

So, note that the pattern as purchased is one size fits all, with one inadequate picture, no information as to how to sew it for shrug purposes and quite a few mistakes. I will not be more specific than ‘quite a few’ as it is a highly asymmetrical pattern…there may be lots of mistakes which one can’t uncover. But maybe there aren’t. At any rate, the mistakes are relatively easy to sort out. I didn’t bother asking the yarn company or the designer for advice. Because this pattern is asymmetrical it also means that if – like me – you felt the instructions to be ambiguous from time to time, it doesn’t really matter. Nobody will be able to tell you’ve made a mistake in this pattern. Or two or three.

Digit Shawl Signatur Knits
Digit Shawl Signatur Knits

Yarn:I used a mixture of Zara and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and Heirloom in DK.
Modifications: If you buy the cheap one-size-fits-all version and you are intending to make the shrug, you have an obvious issue. I wrote to the designer to ask if I should go down to a smaller gauge yarn on account of being on the small side. She said to follow the instructions, but I didn’t. I went down in gauge and I cut out some rows. If I hadn’t done that it would be too large to wear as a shrug. Please use forward planning on this one. I cut out my rows on the way home: ie one ‘sleeve’ is shorter than the other. Again, I don’t think – when I try sewing it into shrug fashion – that this will matter, given the eccentricity of the pattern, but I don’t know yet. It has certainly made me consider seriously the shawl option.
Thoughts: Hmmm. I just don’t know. Should I sew this up? I guess I can always unpick it. I have to say, in case the above discussion of this pattern sounds unduly negative that this is SUCH fun to knit. It is the only thing I’ve ever knitted which has been pure enjoyment, interesting at every stage and very forgving to error. Buy one, make up your colour scheme and then have a ball. So to speak.

Digit Shawl Signatur Knits
Digit Shawl Signatur Knits

I’m away at the moment, but stay tuned for the shrug pics when I get back….


One thought on “The Digit Shawl. Or Shrug? Or Shawl? Part one

  1. So admire your spirit. I started mine as a kit and gave up because I’m a bit anal and it just wasn’t right. 2nd version I’m more than happy with. Using my own cotton/linen yarns – same pattern but doing a schematic before I venture forth – a lot of hassle BUT there again I will wear the shrug with my own yarn but NOT with the kit. I will be away in NZ 29th April until 5th May. Many thanks for your input; it’s great to know you are not alone when plodding along with a pattern


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