Cleckheaton jumper finished

So pleased with this:

Cleckheaton shrug-jumper
Cleckheaton shrug-jumper

I’ve called it a shrug-jumper because of its interesting construction: the lace part is knit first from right arm, across the back and then the left arm. Next, stitches are picked up and the rib is then knitted in the round, ending whenever you like. I made mine a little longer than the pattern suggested.

Cleckheaton shrug-jumper
Cleckheaton shrug-jumper

The lace looks great and was easy, even in black, even knitted by a seriously incompetent lace knitter.

Cleckheaton shrug-jumper
Cleckheaton shrug-jumper

Pattern: Cleckheaton Book 955 Jumper
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft Aran. The called-for yarn is Studio Mohair, so I’ve used an extremely different yarn and gotten away with it. It took me a year to summon up the courage to make the substitution. Not sure what to make of the Cashsoft yet. Certainly soft, but is it going to wear well?

Modifications: I chopped about 20 rows off the back of the shrug – got lucky with my numbers, it is perfect. I also changed the K3 P2 ribbing on the body to K2 P3 as I felt that fitted better with the lace ribbing on the shrug part which was K2.
Thoughts: Nice pattern, fun to knit, easy lace. It’s one of those patterns which is forgiving in fit, so precision was not required. Look forward to knitting it again.


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