Meet Clarissa

It was really rather a stroke of luck to discover that there is a voice named Clarissa which interacts with astronauts as they go about their business. While hanging onto the side of a rocket with one hand and a wrench in the other, looking up the instructions manual is not an option. This is where Clarissa comes into her own, helping out with whatever advice is needed. Clearly Clarissa is in need of a body….

And certainly my model is in need of a voice. So, ladies and gentlemen, please meet Clarissa.

Clarrisa with my hat
Clarrisa with my hat

‘Do I get any credit?’ Clarissa I were sitting outside sipping our afternoon G&Ts. ‘I know more about that tin bucket than the rest of them put together. If one of them is sitting on the loo he has to call in to find out where the paper is….’

‘Anyway’, she said, changing the subject. ‘Can I keep this hat? It goes so well with the grey jumper and you never wear it’. Now I was irritated. ‘Look, Clarissa. The reason I don’t wear the hat is that YOU haven’t given back the jumper. It IS my jumper. “I’m going out to dinner with Neil and I haven’t a thing to wear”. Do you remember saying that? It was my jumper you wore that night and I have since yet to see it except on you.’ I had a bit of a wind up now, so I continued ‘And what is it with you and astronauts anyway? It isn’t enough you work with them all day, you have to date them as well?’

It all ended in a bit of a huff and to be frank I’m not sure that we are talking at the moment. AND I still haven’t got my jumper back.


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