Hipknits cashmere Clapotis revisited…

I’m checking out how Picasa works and thought I’d try uploading a picture of my much loved Clapotis in action….

Clapotis in Hipknits Cashmere
Clapotis in Hipknits Cashmere

Half an hour later….okay, above picture is downloaded from my computer.

I confess, I don’t have a clue how Picassa works. I don’t understand it online, or on my computer either. Frankly, if it were a piece of recalcitrant knitting I’d be thinking of taking a hacksaw to it….there is not nearly the same sense of satisfaction in uninstalling a program from your computer.

The knitting cares, you see. You know as you take a hacksaw to it that it doesn’t want you to. It is really wishing it had behaved itself better in the first place and done what you wanted it to. Whereas in the case of uninstalling a program, it clearly doesn’t. The computer just removes it in a detached sort of way. At the very least it should give you the option of doing it in a variety of moods. I should be able to click ‘Yes, please uninstall this program in a state of seething rage’ as opposed to, perhaps, ‘I’m really sorry to be letting you go but.’.


One thought on “Hipknits cashmere Clapotis revisited…

  1. This is preposterous, this woman has never used a hacksaw & I’m also pretty sure she doesn’t know what one looks like – but I’m sure if she was given one she would know what to do – the operative word would be hack!!


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