Clarissa on socks

If you’ve been wondering why Clarissa hasn’t been around much lately, the truth is we’d had a bit of a spat. She was carrying on about socks – ‘Why such a fuss about something so small and quick to make?’ – and I said ‘You just aren’t interested in them because you haven’t got -‘ I know – THINK before you speak, but I didn’t. ‘Haven’t got what, exactly’, Clarissa interrupted in a voice so cold it could have sorted out global warming and sent us into a new ice age. I’m not going to spell it out, but let’s just say socks aren’t something that come in handy (so to speak) for her.

Still, I don’t altogether disagree with Clarissa’s sentiment on the matter. Isn’t too much made of the whole sock knitting business? Sonia was really excited at the Richmond Knitting group last night on account of having received a pair of Monkey socks from her friend Jemima. In Claudia’s yarn, no less. Well, yes, I’d be excited too. Being made anything is amazing, let alone a pair of socks in gorgeous yarn and a beautiful pattern.

But that isn’t the same thing as making things yourself. When I make a pair of socks for myself it has taken next to no time compared with, say, a jumper. There really is less to crow about. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe socks are to knitting what poetry books are to literature.

I rather think it was Erica Jong who once observed that poetry books are not considered worthy of being reviewed on their own. Rather they will be dealt with in small groups. Perhaps three poetry books add up to one novel. Or thereabouts.

I don’t know that I agree with poetry being treated like that….but socks? Maybe so. Maybe however cute they look, they should be photographed and blogged about in groups. What, though, should a group of socks be called? We have a clutter of cats, a pod of porpoises, a gaggle of geese. I think we need a collective noun for socks.


2 thoughts on “Clarissa on socks

  1. Wow, REALLY? Gee. I have to admit I’ve never knit a pair of long socks. And maybe I have an atypical sock knitting experience on account of having small feet….It is true, on the odd occasion when I’ve knitted boy socks the whole thing seems never to end and it is all too tedious for words. Eventually when I cast off, thinking these are SO long – too long, I’ve made over-the-knee-socks-for-boys – it always turns out that they hardly come up past the ankle.


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