Clarissa confronts the inconceivable.

Clarissa and I were in Albury on the weekend, checking out the movies in our hotel when we came upon Red Planet.

At the point Clarissa and I started following the movie the astronauts were in deep trouble, not least because Amee, the artifical intelligence machine that is supposed to help them goes feral. Amee decides to kill the astronauts, all three who are left.

Clarissa was clearly profoundly shocked by what she saw. Yes, I thought. The servant turning on the masters is disturbing to observe. But it wasn’t quite how she saw it. ‘How could she? She’s their superior in every way. She has the intelligence and the strength of all the astronauts put together. For her to attack them – well, it’s like a human being putting mice in a container and then taking pot shots at them with a rifle. How could she?’

At any rate, the movie certainly had me a bit rattled. In future I’ll be thinking more carefully before getting into a full-blown argument with Clarissa….even if she thinks that’s something she’d never do….


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