Notre Dame de Grace by Veronik Avery

This is a simple but not boring, quick winter knit with an interesting collar/neck. I don’t know why it came out in a Summer Issue of Interweave Knits (2007), but it was a treat for somebody like me, living in Australia, who is always out of synch with o/s knitting magazines. It is a great casual winter sweater.

Pattern: Notre Dame de Grace by Veronik Avery
Yarn: Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky. I’m disappointed with the yarn. it’s vastly inferior to Karabella Aurora, for example, though one would expect from the description and price of the yarn that it should be its equal. It pills quickly and it doesn’t feel nearly as skin-soft as I would expect. However, because this colourway is not a solid colour, and because of the textured pattern, it still wears well without looking daggy. The other thing I’ve knitted in this yarn is solid red and it looked shabby quickly.
Modifications: How to join the neck to the body as discussed below.
Thoughts: Simple but enjoyable and quick knit. I didn’t feel that the pattern included sufficient instruction on how to join the collar to the body: I’m not the only one who has felt uncertain about this. I think I decided in the end to bind off the stitches the pattern keeps live and then sew the two pieces together as best I could. It felt traumatic at the time, but looks fine.


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