Clarissa and the world economic downturn.

I’m worried about Clarissa. She’s been watching all those TV Presidential debates, anxiously hoping for some word that the space program won’t be jeopardised by all this money ‘…they are both just giving away’ – ‘Giving away’ she keeps saying. The fact is, she is worried she is going to lose her job.

‘Yes, I am the only indispensable one at NASA, but you don’t know how things are’, she says darkly. ‘There are jealousies, power struggles, there is talk of my being replaced by some sort of software’. We were sitting outside. Clarissa positively gulped down the double gin and ‘easy on the tonic’ I’d made her. She sighed. ‘The enemies I have made….ever since I became Neil’s confidant. You just don’t know how difficult it is for me’.

‘Anyway’, she said, pulling herself out of the fug she’d gotten into. ‘I hear you’ve started knitting hats. I was thinking a little something in some sort of royal blue, maybe that silk you’ve got stashed away. It’s to go with that skirt of your’s I’ve been wearing. What do you think? It would be just the thing, wouldn’t it?’

‘Gee, is that the time?’ she said before I even opened my mouth in reply. ‘Got to go, but I’ll drop around on Saturday to pick it up.’


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