Melissa from Summer Breeze finished

Maybe you have to be 8 foot tall and a blonde Viking to feel comfortable in this one. I made it a lot smaller – so much smaller that I couldn’t even fit on the sleeve the leaf motif that is supposed to be there – but I could still sublet space while I’m wearing it. Now that’s too big. And therefore it is inconvenient to wear.


Sigh. I made this to replace another Lavold cardigan/jacket I made which was perfect. So perfect that mother appropriated it the moment she set eyes on it. Now I am still hunting for my replacement.

Melissa by Lavold
Melissa by Lavold

Pattern: Melissa by Elsebeth Lavold
Yarn: Rowan Allseasons Cotton
Modifications: Made it 2 panels shorter, cut arms back to midget size, omitted one leaf motif….but still too big.
Thoughts: I can see in retrospect that I was completely mad to make this. If I knew an 8 foot tall Viking girl I would most assuredly give it to her.


You know what the worst thing is? I offered it to Clarissa and she doesn’t want it. Sob.

11/3/09 Postscript: Melissa is no more. Consigned to the RB. May she rest in peace.


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