Do cats knit?

You may think this is a joke:

The cat that knits
The cat that knits

But if that is a joke…then how do you explain this notice, spotted by my sister-in-law pinned on a fence near her apartment:

The cat's stash
The cat's stash

The cat burglar who knits. Of course, maybe he’s like a lot of knitters out there…has a big stash, but doesn’t actually do that much knitting!!!


9 thoughts on “Do cats knit?

  1. Of course, many possibilities come to mind as to why the cat is stealing the wool. To begin with I assumed that the cat’s owner is definitely not a knitter because, after all, she might keep the yarn in that case.

    But maybe her taste in yarn is lousy and the cat is out to improve it!


  2. Another thing I’ve been wondering. Look at the state of that poster. Did the cat spot it, rip it up and throw it away, only to have his owner find it and pop it back up???!


  3. You have to wonder how a cat would get into someones ‘unsecured’ yarn stash. The stash must be so large, it’s in someones shed… I say follow that cat! There’s more where that came from!

    On the other hand there looks to be quite a bit of mohair, yuk! so either the stash owner has a fetish or the cat does; neither option is good.


  4. Truly the possibilities are endless. Perhaps the person whose stash is being thieved has a partner who thinks the stash is TOO BIG. Maybe the cat has an accomplice, in other words. Somebody encouraging him to enter this life of crime.

    Oh, and the thief’s gotta be a boy doesn’t it? A girl cat wouldn’t have such bad manners.


  5. Perhaps only cats in the UK?

    I read about a cat doing this in one of Doreen Tovey’s delightful books about her Siamese cats in postwar England.

    So far my two (also Siamese) have not showed signs of bringing me anything.



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