Sandalwood by Jo Sharp

Sandalwood by Jo Sharp
Sandalwood by Jo Sharp

In the book this appears in wool, with the main colour quite dark….I imagine that doesn’t particularly show up the stitch detail to good effect. Since I was planning on a spring version I wanted to use cotton and shorter sleeves too.


Originally I had intended to use stash Soho cotton but when I sat down with all my yarn in hand I read the errata for the first time. Major error: the yarn quanities for the main colour need to be about double those indicated in the original pattern: 11 instead of 6, I think, for the small size I was knitting.


Hmmm. Not the first time this has happened to me this year. I ended up using another yarn I had in my stash as the main colour: RYC Luxury Cotton.


I love the colour of it: a pistachio green which I thought would go with everything, but maybe in truth it’s a much fussier colour than that. My many advisors were anxious about the combination I chose…but in the end I think it has turned out pretty well.

Pattern: Sandalwood by Jo Sharp
Yarn: RYC Luxury Cotton – the limitless space of the internet isn’t enough for me to begin to tell you how much I hate this yarn and in how many ways.
Modifications: I knitted this in the round, partly because the colour pattern at the bottom has so many colour changes in it, including after only one row, that I thought it would be less messy this way. I also decided that the enormous amount of ease written into the pattern wasn’t what I wanted, so after the bottom band of colour I decreased a whole pattern repeat (11 stitches) each side. I was worried I might have done that too quickly, but it seems to have turned out okay. I knitted the sleeves in the round as well.
Thoughts: I think I would have really enjoyed knitting this pattern if it hadn’t been in a despicable yarn. I could imagine doing another one in wool sometime and keeping the extra ease in it in that case.


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