Drops 46-7 modified and finished.

This one sat at the bottom of my jumper drawer for about a year I guess. It was supposed to be this: Drops Sweater in Paris with Structure

Drops 46-7 Jumper
Drops 46-7 Jumper

I decided to do it in white without the contrast edging, which Sonia thought made it look dangerously sporty.

Having not done anything with quite so much cable to it before, I hadn’t realised just how it would suck up yarn. Once I finished the body I was looking at doing the sleeves in another dyelot, difficult, since I’d bought the yarn a couple of years back. Thinking about this made me realise how much the thing wanted to be a vest. It was begging for it.

Drops 46-7 modified
Drops 46-7 modified

I had in mind a winter vest, to be worn over jumpers. But the girls down at Woolbaa wanted to see it down as a summer top. So, some unpicking and re-ribbing of the armholes and it is as you now see it.

Drops 46-7
Drops 46-7

Pattern: Drops 46-7. A really enjoyable cabled project.
Yarn: Rowan All-Seasons Cotton in Bleached colourway.
Modifications: No sleeves.
Thoughts: Although I was discontent with this when I first put it away a year or so ago, I’m now really pleased with its new image.

Drops 46-7 closeup of cable detail.
Drops 46-7 closeup of cable detail.

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