Ilga Leja Sea Urchin finished

I don’t know that Jan is a lace girl, but she enjoyed knitting this one once she got the hang of it: Sea Urchin . Yes, I am a snivelling coward who should have done it myself.

The yarn is Handmaiden Seasilk from One Planet. What a shame the Aussie dollar has crashed compared with the US – would I love to order more of this stuff. Of the 2 100g skeins purchased, there is 3/4 of a skein left and that was for the small size. So – doing a bit of economic rationalising here – even with the bad exchange rate, really it is not an extravagant purchase.

I bought a couple of skeins of the Swiss Mountain cashmere and silk at the same time – exquisite.

Sea Urchin by Ilga Lega
Sea Urchin by Ilga Lega

Like others who have knitted this, you’ll find you want to knit another whole repeat for the sleeves, they just aren’t long enough otherwise….and I’ve got short arms.

Closeup of Sea Urchin
Closeup of Sea Urchin

The person standing next to me, by the way, is my old school friend Mary…all the way from Colorado…and looking like she’s still dressed for the winter there!

Mary (left) and Cathy


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