When does knitting get, well, silly?

I admit it. I bought a copy of Knitting New Scarves last year, couldn’t wait to get into it but I wrapped it up for Christmas all the same. Opened it Christmas Day – and well, I just haven’t been sure about it ever since. When I saw this cartoon it made me think, ‘yes’. Maybe Knitting New Scarves is taking knitting somewhere it shouldn’t really go….

Theoretical Knitting...can we go too far?
Theoretical Knitting...can we go too far?

In the introduction Lynne Barr talks about being inspired by architecture. And I think for me, at least, what is her inspiration is also the thing that is starting to put me off. I don’t want a piece of architecture around my neck. Or a piece of maths. Or an octopus.

And it follows if you knit a structure, that it isn’t going to look like something you’d like to have around your neck. I want thin, soft, drapey. Exactly the opposite of these interesting patterns.

I did think when I bought the book that I would learn a lot about technique which I could then apply judiciously. A sound idea in principle though yet to be put into practice.

Bottom line is do you want your knitting to be ‘interesting’? I don’t think I do….


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