Finished 2008

Somebody asked me how many things I’ve knitted this year and I didn’t have a clue. Well, here is most of it. Missing are Sesame and Sabine. Well, not really Sabine. More of a Sabinette. I used the right yarn, got gauge, but at the point where I finished casting off the knitted-in-one-piece-body I discovered I had something which was about half the size it should have been. I still don’t really understand what happened, but it is now a sleeveless bolero of a shrunken variety.

Also missing from the pics: maybe 5 pairs of socks, a few berets and two pairs of armwarmers.

There were several things I wanted to do this year.

(1) To knit a shrug, and I’ve now knitted a couple – black shrug and digit shrug.

(2) To knit with colour. I’m happy with the Jane Thornley shawl and Sandalwood. As my first real sorties into colour choice, they aren’t too bad.

(3) I wanted to knit more lace, and I’ve cautiously poked a toe in that direction with the Cleckheaton shrug/jumper, the Swing Top, the Lace Panel Sweater.

Other things I have done for the first time including berets and armwarmers. I can see the attraction in getting to use odd balls of lovely yarn for which one otherwise has no purpose.


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