Knitting book stash?

Unable to locate a book she was looking for recently, Sonia wondered if her new year resolution should be to spend more time with her knitting books.

It made me wonder what purposes a collection of knitting books should fulfill. I love having books I’ve read in my library. Equally I want books about that are yet untouched. Their moment will come. I am not an unprincipled hoarder. If a book is a mistake, it moves on to a new owner whom I hope will get more out of it. In Knitter’s Review, recently, Clara talks about that in relation to the yarn stash. Let go of the yarn which does not make you happy. Do that with your books too. Even if it were an expensive mistake, let go. Keeping an expensive mistake isn’t going to make you richer, only unhappier.

But do recognise that not using it right now doesn’t per se make it a mistake! It could be a reference which is rarely used but worth its weight in gold when it is. It could be a pattern book never used but a constant source of inspiration. It could be specific to a topic into which you know you will delve when you are ready. For me that might be a book on slip stitch which has been patiently sitting on my shelf for a couple of years.

On the other hand, I could come to grips with the idea that the book on knitting mobiuses which has been sitting there just as long will never be used. What possessed me to think I would knit such a thing – which it seems to me one knits only for the sake of it – yes, I could admit this book does make me unhappy. Not so long ago I gave away two Rowan magazines – with a gun to my head I wouldn’t knit with them. I had spent money on them which I regret, but keeping the magazines isn’t going to help one jot. Out, out, damned magazine.

My most recent book purchase was The Art of Knitting. It is a French book and possibly no more than inspirational. I don’t know yet, because although I’ve had it for several weeks, I am waiting for the moment to open it. Some instant in time where its lovely, peaceful presence – for such I expect it to be – is just what I need.

I don’t know whether to call this stash or medicine. But I do know it is right for me.


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