Could this be the one?

I’ve been trawling the web looking for tea cosy patterns. Of course this caught my eye: How to Avoid a Designer Tea Cosy

Belinda Keir went as public as she could with her warning for all the friends who were going to ask her to knit. She got published a few years ago in the Sydney Morning Herald….Who can’t sympathise with this plaintive cry:

You have just mastered garter-stitch scarves and they pull out a Kaffe Fassett pattern with 47 colours and instructions on how to hand-make your own buttons. The following week they ask: “Is it finished yet?” and after six months of blood, sweat and tears you hand the garment over.

Later you find out it was machine-washed with the family socks – all that effort and they now have a designer tea cosy.

Umm. Could I have the pattern please? It sounds like just what I’m looking for….


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