Men and knitting

Soon after noticing Ilga Lega’s ruminations on the difficulty of designing – in an interesting way, that is – for men, I came upon Janet Szabo’s blog for Big Sky Knitting Designs

She reported this discussion with her husband:

The conversation went something like this:

Me (having located a really cool cable pattern in one of my stitch dictionaries): Wow, I love this stitch pattern. This would be great in a cotton yarn as a guy’s pullover.

The husband: Cotton? Why would I wear a cotton sweater? It gets wet and makes you cold. I like wool.

Me: Hmmm, this design isn’t for you.

The husband: It’s not?

Me: No, this is for the Summer issue of the newsletter and wool isn’t really an appropriate choice.

The husband: What guy wears a cotton sweater in the summer?

Me: Think “metrosexual.”

The husband: I’d rather not.

Obviously we did not make any headway in the “knitting for men” department.

This is a great site and blog for technical discussions about knitting, by the way, such as recently a set of posts on how to set about turning your pattern into a range of sizes. Janet also puts out the Twists and Turns newsletters, dedicated to cable knitting with technical discussions and patterns. They are all available via .pdf download and I’d say they would be a great investment for anybody with more than a passing interest in cables.


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