Review: Inspired to Knit

Inspired to Knit by Michele Rose Orne

The cover design - top of my list to knit.
The cover design - top of my list to knit.

Maybe review isn’t really the right word here. More like gushing praise from one who has yet to knit one stitch from the book. STILL, I already have my money’s worth and that’s from one read.

The patterns are exquisite to view. Unusual touches to the finishing are there for a reason, fitting effortlessly into the patterns. I want to knit everything in the book. I admit it, I even want to knit the intarsia roses.

Isn't this jacket gorgeous?
Isn't this jacket gorgeous?

The patterns are nicely laid out with detailed instructions and charts. The pictures are enticing. Judging from Ravelry, it is possible for mere mortals to follow the patterns and end up with lovely garments that look as they are supposed to. Errata is posted here.

I scarcely know where to start knitting with this book. I think I’m going to take it down to Wool Baa and see what yarn demands to be bought. Let the book and the yarn sort out where I should begin….that solves that problem.


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