Selvedge magazine – yes, a free knitting pattern!

If you have never been to Selvedge Magazine, you should. Right now. Don’t even finish reading this. There is little in-depth analysis – it isn’t a ‘how-to’ publication. It is a visual feast celebrating crafts and confirming crafts’ right to be seen as high end art. It displays in sumptuous colour and heavy quality paper the best in everything that can be considered craft. You can also subscribe to the online version and there is a whole issue available online to see if it is to your taste. Click here to see that.

Like all good quality magazines, it is worth its weight in gold just for the ads. Every issue I find something new to go to on the internet that I would otherwise not have heard of. Oh, if only I lived closer to these things!

Selvedge free pattern for bag made with Habu yarns
Selvedge free pattern for bag made with Habu yarns

And especially for the knitter: there are a few craft projects online and this includes the pattern for a bag in Habu yarn here. There are also knitting features from time to time, most recently on Australian wool. And loads of advertisements for yarn, hand knitted objects and the like. Go and take a look.


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