Go Nick Xenophon, go.

As I write this, Senator Nick Xenophon is so far holding out for a decent Govt policy to save the Murray-Darling Basin.

There is hope yet for democracy if one person can still make the important difference this country needs. P_LEAASSE hold out, Senator Xenophon, don’t get bullied or paid off.

As for the Greens, how disappointing that it turns out they have as much spine as – well, something totally spineless. They should so obviously be backing Xenophon. It is the only truly important issue of the day.


One thought on “Go Nick Xenophon, go.

  1. Go Nick Xenaphon indeed!
    You scuttled the Green’s illusion that they “OWN” (?!) the Murray/Darling issue. They don’t.

    This endangered Icon needs your resolve, energy, guts and action to enable it to return to it’s pre-industrialisation flourish.
    Move swiftly now, and with great courage; the future of a bleeding system cannot wait (for the Greens and Penny Wong!). Lose no momentum while the River runs.

    ANYONE who stands up, speaks out and secures change deserves to know we’re right there behind him. Go Nick Xenaphon.


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