In the gauge sin bin.

I am speechless. If I used speech recognition software this would be a short post. Fortunately I can still use a keyboard.

The bad news:

There I was, cruising along on my Louisa Harding Laurie, well aware that I didn’t seem to have nearly enough yarn, even though 10 skeins of Sublime DK should have been more than ample. So, I modified as necessary to cover the yarn deficiency while muttering darkly about designers who can’t do simple maths. Finished it. Put it on. Maybe eight inches of ease…about 5 inches more than the pattern planned for.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. FIVE inches too much ease. So, about midnight I hopped out of bed, I took my new jumper down to the kitchen, got out the tape measure and took a look at my gauge. 19 st/4 inches rather than the called for 22.

There has to be a lesson here somewhere. I don’t doubt the lesson will contain some or all of the following words: Arrogance. Laziness. Overconfidence. Presumptuousness. Asininity.

Having said all that, however, I must say the reason I don’t bother with swatches is that my gauge is usually spot on. The idea that it will be out by 3 stitches/4″ is pretty much inconceivable. Which just goes to show…always expect the unexpected

The good news:
Clarissa will not be borrowing this one. She likes things to be fitted, feminine. These things my new sweater is not. Of course, it MIGHT be fitted on her soon enough. Ever since she got released by the Somalian pirates (see here) she’s been eating like there is no tomorrow. ‘The food they served up’….even now it makes her shudder.

I think when I get back from Surfers this weekend I’m going to suggest to her that I need to go on a diet, a bit of a get-fit campaign. Not that I need to myself, but I know how Clarissa’s mind works. She’ll hop on board ‘just to give me the support’. Who knows…it could do us both some good.


One thought on “In the gauge sin bin.

  1. Ah I know this one. Ditto about gauge – though I knit a pair of socks about a year ago that were subtley different in size – and were made a huge difference to the self patterning yarn’s striping. Turned out it was because I used different needles for the second sock (bought some new knitpicks and couldn’t wait to use em) – lesson learned.
    Now WHAT/WHO are the somalian pirates?!


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