Does this count as one and a half sweaters?

I had the best of intentions….

Laurie/Hannah by Louisa Harding
Laurie/Hannah by Louisa Harding

Ms Jane, A Melbourne girl had already combined the Hannah neck with the body Laurie and it looked like exactly what I wanted….

8 trillion inches of ease
8 trillion inches of ease

But muck about with body parts and, well, you might end up like Frankenstein.

Imagine plaintive violins in the background.
Imagine plaintive violins in the background.

I mentioned a few days ago that I was in the gauge sin bin and this is why….It’ll be a home girl, this one. If it is lucky it’ll get a trip to the coffee shop. The ease factor is ridiculous and it’s turned a cute sweater into a minor tragedy.

Yeah, yeah, the closeups look good.
Yeah, yeah, the closeups look good.
But I am not a closeup. I am a human being.
But I am not a closeup. I am a human being.

Pattern A combination of Laurie and Hannah from Louisa Harding Summer Classics.
Yarn Sublime Extrafine Merino DK. I prefer Karabella or Zara. I don’t think this feels as nice and the colour range isn’t nearly as good. Ms Jane did her gorgeous looking one in Zara.
Modifications Due to being way off – 3 st/4inches, if that is really possible – with gauge, I knew I was in great danger of running out of yarn. Hence instead of the full shebang lace edging for the sleeves, I did a seriously trimmed down model. Actually, I am happy with these couple of inches of knitting. If I’d knitted according to the pattern, I just would have ended up with something that I had to keep fishing out of my soup. Also, because the neck hole was now UGE, I repeated the lace around it, which just stops it falling right off my shoulders.
Thoughts This would have been a great project if I had been in cooee distance of gauge. Actually, I’m tempted to give it another whirl with Zara like the sensible Ms Jane did.

Possible up side: I’m in a group in which you have to knit a sweater a month….and I’m hoping this counts for more than one!



6 thoughts on “Does this count as one and a half sweaters?

  1. Ahh…..bummer. Although I don’t think it looks quite as bad as you think it does. In the end tho, you’ve got to be happy with it!

    Is it off to the frog pond for this one?


  2. Honestly, I never seem patient enough for frogging. The bin’s more like it! But I’m wearing it right now and I can see it having its place during winter. At least, being on the large side, I can put another jumper underneath it. That’ll come in handy when it gets colder!


  3. You know, I actually love the color, and it probably isn’t as bad as you think, but here’s what I was thinking….could you take the sleeves off, put a sew seam up the sides to take it in just a bit, and then knit up some sort of short cap sleeve for a tank top? the neck line is really nice…..and what about maybe adding some casing in the waist w/elastic for shaping or maybe even ribbing thru the eyelets? An added design element, which I think might be adorable…..

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  4. Sorry it didn’t work out how you hoped. I like Lisa’s idea of putting ribbon through the top eyelets. It would add a nice feature as well as bringing the waist in a little. Worth a try maybe, not sure if you are one for wearing ribbon like that… but I would!


  5. Oh my dear! I do think that it might be better in Zara as it’s a firmer yarn than the sublime, but I also find that Louisa is a bit generous on her sizing, I’m a good Australian size 12, but I always knit a 10 from her patterns.

    I love the colour and as I’m a great frogger myself, I’d be inclined pull it out try again.

    Good luck and let me know how you go!

    Ms Jane


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