Wherein my chicken nature is overcome

I’ve been a bit scared to actually knit an Ilga Leja pattern. I buy them by the bucketful but then I get somebody else to knit them for me.

It’s the lace I’m apprehensive about, so when Ilga brought out this one a few months ago I realised that I could no longer procrastinate.

In the Piazza by Ilga Leja
In the Piazza by Ilga Leja

Obviously this had been specially designed for lace incompetents. My moment had come.

In the Piazza
In the Piazza

The yarn is from Wired for Fibre, a Melbourne girl who is hand-dying yarn. I am not a fan of variagated yarn but it seems to be such a feature of Ilga’s patterns that I’m not prepared to alter that sense of them. Unfortunately the utterly gorgeous Handmaiden and Fleece Artist yarns she uses are expensive now that our Aussie dollar has taken a tumble, so I’m hoping home grown will be a good substitute.


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