Clarissa takes up bicycle riding

Clarissa has bought a bicycle. I can’t believe it. Well, actually, I have to admit I AM jealous. I can’t ride a bicycle myself, and the idea that even Clarissa can do it – well, what can I say….

It all started with this site: Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Clarissa and I had always assumed that in order to ride a bike you had to dress in completely gross clothing and wear shoes that were impossible to walk in. You had to look like this:

Shot by Denise Young, NZ.
Shot by Denise Young, NZ.

But in fact it turns out that this is a bit of a crock – bike riding is only like that if you believe the advertising. The idea that riding a bike is all about buying the right STUFF – that’s what marketing wants to sell you.

In Copenhagen, it transpires, riding a bike is about style and serenity. It is about quality of life. It transpires that riding a bicycle can be chic.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Copenhagen Cycle Chic

It almost makes me want to learn. The only trouble is that Copenhagen is obviously a city which views the bicycle as culturally, aesthetically, environmentally important. As Melbourne does not, one could never hope to emulate the quality of life. Bicycles in Melbourne are squashed into a transport system based on cars. They are not valued, they are just barely tolerated.

How different is Copenhagen:

…the bicycle [is] an integral part of life in the Danish capital….Copenhageners have demystified the bicycle and use it without any form of bicycle ‘gear’. Just as the bicycle was meant to be ridden when invented.

Chic yes. Cute too:



Copenhagen Cycle Chic….Copenhagen Cycle Cute.

I guess there are probably knitted versions out there. The patterns for these can be found here.


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