Clarissa goes shopping.

‘What do you mean, you went to Sunspun with Sonia?’. Sonia’s my friend, you see. I found it rather unlikely that she asked Clarissa to go to Sunspun with her and not me. As the story unfolded it was like science fiction.

You won’t believe this….I still don’t quite believe it myself. Clarissa has managed to get a shopping trip to a yarn shop financed by NASA.

‘You know the astronauts are always getting me to fix up their Foxtel reception -‘. An interruption while we took our G&T inside today….I live right next to where the Grand Prix is held. Very noisy. ‘Well, I started thinking that they needed something else to do. I’ve been reading that book you gave me about the history of knitting and when I got to the part about sailors knitting to fill in the long voyages – it was so obvious! Of course that’s what astronauts should do too.’

Before you can say ‘Dr Who’ Clarissa had organised a meeting with various honchos at NASA: Toni of Human Capital Management, Brenda from Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Joyce in Education….the list went on.

Clarissa is no dummy, that’s for sure. ‘They are all women’, I couldn’t help observing as she rattled off her list of names. ‘It wouldn’t be that they all knit, would it?’ ‘I wouldn’t know about that’, she said with a shifty look in her eye.

It turns out that NASA has been given a lot of money as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Apparently there is a website called which accounts for every penny spent by NASA from the money it has been given. Presumably there will be a section on knitting there in the foreseeable future.

Well, I was sitting there feeling pretty left out of things. Frankly I was regretting saying to Sonia that I’d give her my last jar of tomato chutney. When all of a sudden Clarissa put something in my hands with a ‘Oh, and this is for you’. It was a present! I opened it up and it was 7 balls of Rowan Cocoon. ‘Why Cocoon?’ I asked, wondering if she knew it was one of my favourites at the moment. ‘It reminded me,’ she said, ‘of that documentary that won an Oscar a while back – remember Cocoon? As it happens I’ve been to the planet Anterea. Lovely, the Antereans. Really nice. So I thought….’ Now I feel awful. Sonia was under strict instructions not to tell me what was happening so the present would be a surprise, of course. Okay, Sonia, you can have the chutney after all, if you read this!


One thought on “Clarissa goes shopping.

  1. I couldn’t possibly take your last jar of home made tomato chutney! Winter is coming, you’ll make more right?

    I hope you love the colour of the Rowan Cocoon, I helped Clarissa choose it!


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