My FO – I mean UD – that’s Unmitigated Disaster, folks

Yeah, I have made a monumental mistake such as I scarcely dare to confess. I made this. Honestly. I’m 5 foot tall with a bust bigger than – Texas? Something really big, anyway. And that’s what I got a hankering to make. To say I failed an IQ test would be way understating the situation.

It’s a great pattern. I thoroughly recommend it to anybody appropriately built who wants a quick fix. Actually, I’m not normally a quick fix person. Knitting with fat yarn on oversized needles doesn’t appeal to me. Why do something if you don’t enjoy the process? And if you do enjoy the process what’s the rush? That sort of bulky knitting is uncomfortable and hard on the hands.

The whole experience has sent me running for my favourite yarn and a pattern source which never fails. Yes, Karabella Aurora 8 and Garnstudio, in this case:

Drops cable long cardigan
Drops cable long cardigan

The link is here.

Enough cabling to make it interesting to knit, not too much cabling to stop it being rather elegant. Well, that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. Every stitch a pleasure.


2 thoughts on “My FO – I mean UD – that’s Unmitigated Disaster, folks

    • I know it is cowardly of me not to show it, but I need to summon up the inner strength to do so. It DOES still need buttons. I have no idea why I think adding buttons would make me a foot taller with smaller boobs, but you never know…


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