Clarissa surfs the Net.

Clarissa is thoroughly mollified since Sonia has written in to confirm that she is indeed real. But now that she’s found out how to use the internet she’s been surfing about to find references to herself – as you do.

‘Can you believe this?’ she said to me as I was cutting the lemon slices for the drinks. ‘Somebody wrote a post about me called Meet Clarissa, HAL’s better half.’ She’d printed it out for me to look at. ‘Hah’, she snorted. ‘Better half. More like better three-quarters – and then some, wouldn’t you say?’. Well, I would have, but she pushed right on.

‘Not to mention he was just a character in a movie. It’s hardly the same thing at all.’ She sipped at her G&T and continued. ‘As for that Stanley Kubrick….well, you know I went on that cruise with NK [You can read about that here]….she was telling me -‘ I’m sworn to secrecy, sorry, so I have to cut it off right there.


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