Clarissa give me the third degree.

‘So what yarn did you get this week?’ She had the day off from NASA so we were taking an early repast in the garden. Olives washed down with martinis.

‘Not a thing’ was my reply.

She considered that thoughtfully. Since I took up knitting a few years ago not a week had gone by without one purchase or another. An interrogation ensued.

‘Sick?’ ‘No’
‘Away for Easter?’ ‘No’
‘No sales on?’ ‘No’
‘Credit card exhausted?’ ‘Look,’ I said. ‘Can’t a girl just not buy yarn for a week?’.

‘Well, yes,’ she replied. ‘But you can’t’. She fixed her eye on me. To be honest I couldn’t hold her stare. ‘There’s something going on here and I will find out what it is’.

How does a dressmaker’s dummy, whether or not she is NASA’s most important employee, see right through a person? It’s plain mystifying.


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