Clarissa perseveres.

I knew that humans are creatures of habit, we love routine, but I didn’t realise that Clarissa was of that nature too.

She came around on Monday and I suggested going out for a change. ‘But of course we can’t go out’ she retorted. ‘It’s Monday. It’s looking-at-the-new-yarn-you-bought-last-week day’. Of course I’d been trying to avoid this. Two weeks in a row now and no new yarn. I’d thought about getting some out that Clarissa didn’t know I’d bought. It was months ago while she was cruising with Nicole K. But she would have known what I was up to….Clarissa always likes to open the packages herself.

I went to speak, but she said it for me…’You haven’t bought any yarn again, have you? Two weeks in a row now’. I don’t see why I should feel guilty about it, but the fact is she knows something’s up.

Clarissa’s been reading Shakespeare. She’s decided it will help her understand astronauts better. Give her more human management skills: it’s her job, after all. I don’t know if this is more flattering to the astronauts or to Shakespeare. She wagged her finger at me (well, she would have if….) and said ‘In the end, the truth will out’. Oh dear. She’s cast me in the middle of The Merchant of Venice….I think I’d rather be in All’s Well that Ends Well….


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