Where I live II

Where I live.

The people where I live had to find some way of caring for the environment. They still needed their UAVs, and it was just too hard to part with their trips to environmentally threatened parts of the world. We are the good people. We are the people most deserving to be the last people to see Antarctica.

Ah, they thought, as they came up with a viable idea. We could give up plastic bags.

Thus was born the idea of demonising plastic bags. We will make them look SO bad, that giving them up will be an important act of environmental responsibility.

Let's make plastic bags evil
Let's make plastic bags evil

We have done our bit. It wasn’t so hard, was it?

(Cartoon from Prospect)


2 thoughts on “Where I live II

    • Oh. I thought they were urban assault vehicles. I don’t drive, so the whole subject is rather alien to me. And I don’t like acronyms. Now I can see why. Very ambiguous.


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