Where I live III

Where I live.

People are nice where I live. And they think everybody should have nice lives. People in Sudanese refugee camps? They should have internet cafes and good latte and – nice things.

Where I live. The people need something to believe in. Now that it isn’t acceptable to believe in God anymore, some of them believe in personal trainers, crystals and shopping. But some of them need something a bit more profound that that. They are Buddhist.

‘Well, we’ve a bit Buddhist, really. You might have noticed? The prayer thingies up on the porch? It’s very convenient on the whole. There isn’t much you have to do. You can’t do wrong, really. And you can keep your own hours with Buddhism. We just do a bit of believing when we really need to, or we’ve got the time. Jacky does it on her non-Yoga nights. You should try it.’

Where I live.


One thought on “Where I live III

  1. Yeah, where I live people vote green; but that doesn’t explain the stinking smokey smell of everyone using their open fireplaces tonight and every night this week. Makes my blood boil really.


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