Living alone II

Day three. I go out to lunch with a friend who speculates that it won’t be long before I’m one of those people who stands at the counter in the kitchen eating fish out of a tin…I say but I love doing that, I’ve done it for years. He says but now you are going to do it because you are hungry. Yes….I can see that the two are different.

Day four. I stand at the kitchen counter opening a tin of fish. But wait. Honestly. It isn’t what you think. I love cooking….

Take a tin of pink salmon. Gently saute some garlic and chopped shallots in a little olive oil. What does gently mean? Well, once I translated a Brazilian recipe into English via Yahoo. At some stage the recipe called for you to fry the fairies with the chillies. So, what ‘gently’ means in this context is a temperature at which fairies would be happy to sit in the pan, merely warming their little bottoms and not being boiled alive in oil.

Now increase the heat just for a bit, add a splash of vodka and let it burn off. Heat back down low, add the salmon, stir in a dollop of cream and take off the heat. While you’ve been doing all this you’ve had water boiling and you’ve added pasta.

Prepare lots of baby leaf spinach. I always take the stems off. I do it for guests so I’m certainly going to do it for myself. When the pasta is ready, put the sauce back on low heat, throw in the spinach, toss in the pasta. I might also add a little freshly chopped chilli. You can also now add cheese if you like. Grated parmesan, or something like Coon – ie a good melting cheddar – if you prefer. To taste, at any rate, and not compulsory.

Eat with too much freshly ground black pepper. There are a million variations on this, they’re all divine.

If I were really sad and lonely I’d have taken a picture of that so that SOMEBODY out there other than me would have seen my lunch. Now I understand why people put ‘this is what I had for breakfast’ pictures on their blogs. Not me, I’ll never be that sad and lonely. Well, not AND be a competent photographer….


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