Living Alone III denouement

So I’ve been to a party. ALRIGHT? I hope I’m not going to get nagged about that any more. You know who you are.

When a single girl is back home from a party, home in bed by 10pm, it means one of two things. Either the karaoke started at 9pm or she got seriously lucky.

The karaoke did indeed start early. I’ve lived a sheltered life – this was my first karaoke ever. I saw the birthday boy do a couple of songs and really, my evening was complete.

Most of you reading this will know I play bridge. If what they say about ‘lucky in love, unlucky in cards’ is true…well….I’m expecting to picking up a lot of aces this week. Enough said?


2 thoughts on “Living Alone III denouement

  1. First karaoke ever? Wow, too much chess as a young lady…

    All my single mates turned up just after you left. Lotsa low hanging fruit ready to be picked…

    Thanks for coming. See you soon!


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