Numinousness has its place.

I have to admit numinousness is a term I have come across only recently. It should be used in a religious context, but it has been taken over by sci-fi and fantasy. As far as I can see that community – sorry, maybe those communities? – don’t have any very clear idea on what it means. It means whatever it means at the time. It’s a fuzzy word. Still, read enough people using it, and even though you sort of feel like they have no idea what they are talking about, nonetheless you start to get a sense of it. I’ve got a sense of it now. Don’t ask me to define it because I can’t.

But one way or another, however, as I’ve been reading about it here and there, it did occur to me, based on a recent observation, that it has an urgently needed application: hard-core pornography. Whoever makes that stuff, please read this. Numinousness will make what you do better.


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