Nantucket Jacket

You know the one…cover feature of Interweave Winter 2006. Norah Gaughan at her best. Intricate without looking forced. Cables galore without looking chunky. I thought Jan would like to knit and and so she did. There are more pics on Ravelry, of course!

Pattern Nantucket Jacket by Norah Gaughan Interweave Knits Winter 2006.
Yarn Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran 13 balls for small size, every scrap used.
Modifications The sleeves are a little longer than the pattern requires.
Thoughts This is supposed to have a crocheted edging, but at the end of the main pattern, Jan, who knitted it for me, had a yard, if that, of yarn left! In fact I think it looks fine without so I’m not bothering to rectify the situation. I love this and I’m told it was fun to knit…


3 thoughts on “Nantucket Jacket

  1. This sweater looks beautiful. The kind you would want to wear all of the time. BTW, I grew up on Nantucket Island and always do a double-take when I see its name. This is just the cardigan one might see in one of the chic summer boutiques, elegant but casual, lightweight but warm enough for a foggy evening browsing the galleries or walking to dinner across cobblestoned Main Street.


    • It is all of this! Somehow it manages to be both heavy and light at once. And like silk whilst being wool. You make me want to visit Nantucket Island, it sounds lovely…maybe next year…


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