Cooking for men 101

I’m staying in the spare bedroom of a friend, Arvid, at the moment and he is expecting, my reputation apparently preceding me, not only to get good meals cooked for him, but to learn how to do it for himself.

‘I can’t cook’, he was pretty straightforward on the subject. And, indeed, when I first looked at his kitchen, I was in complete agreement. It turned me into a non-cook as well, just surveying the scene.

‘Where are your pots and pans?’ Arvid looks around. I look around. Eventually we find, perched on a tea towel

1 frying pan, approx. circumference of a fried egg
2 saucepans, about big enough to boil a couple of cups of milk

So. Point number one. Nobody can cook without decent equipment. Good pots and pans and good infrastructure to back them up. Of course Arvid can’t cook. It’s impossible right now. Tomorrow we go to a kitchen shop and get some supplies…then, maybe we can think about cooking.


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