Purl’s Palace

On a trip to Daylesford on the weekend I went to Purl’s Palace for the first time.

May I confess to being a total sucker for colour-coordinated yarn? What could be more exquisitely beautiful?

Just how big an impact it makes on me can be deduced by the fact that it was the first time I’ve bought yarn for six months. So, look at this next picture, at the hole just above the bottom right. Lilac colour yarn and on top of that? Sorry, I should have a close-up. It’s a new Noro yarn called Taiyo, which has a strong component of cotton and silk with a little wool and nylon as well. It’s the first Noro yarn I’ve felt that doesn’t make my skin feel like I’m rubbing it with sandpaper.

Honestly, I tried so hard to ignore it. I bought two Louisa Harding books and walked right out of the shop. Only to come back the next day, bought 5 balls – 100g balls with about 200m to each – and one ball on hold just in case. I’m planning Stephanie Japel’s top down raglan…to which, as some of you will know, I am addicted.

I can’t say enough about the shop. The specialities are Noro, Rare Earth and Louisa Harding. The pattern books are lovely, none of those ones that make you cringe and wonder if you really should have taken up something as tacky as knitting. There is lots more in the shop for non-knitters, and a really interesting selection of workshops on during the year. Check out this year’s program for an idea of what’s available.

Purl Palace hasn’t the biggests selection of yarns available, but, then again, nor is there any chaff. It had been about 12 years since my last visit to Daylesford, but now I’ve been given a good reason for coming back earlier. It really was a highlight of my trip.


3 thoughts on “Purl’s Palace

  1. Because of the purported connection of the shin bone (is that one word?) to the knee bone, I have visited a host of wool shops in the last few years and dare I say belatedly, this is the best looking wool shop I have seen by far!!! – OK and I took the photos..


    • I think the point is that yarn shops where everything is ordered by colour rather than brand or type or season. There is an insidiously inviting yarn shop in Fremantle that does the same thing.


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