Top down raglan in Taiyo

I’m so happy with this.

The yarn is expensive, I guess, $25 per 100g ball, but I only needed 4 balls to make this. In fact originally I’d intended something much shorter, but once I had to break into the fourth ball, I couldn’t help myself, I had to use it up.

In fact, I did have enough left of the fourth ball, if I’d wanted, to make longer sleeves or to add something around the neck. The brilliant thing about this pattern is that because it’s top down you can make everything exactly the length you desire – or exactly the length your quantity of yarn permits. There is no panic the way there is with bottom up knitting where there is always that fear of Not Having Enough.

Pattern Stephanie Japel’s Easy V-neck Raglan
Yarn Noro Taiyo. The suggested needle size is 4.5-5. I’m a loose knitter so I went for 4.5mm, but I was way out and had to start again with 5.
Modifications To suit gauge
Thoughts I love this, but am slightly worried about how robust the yarn will turn out to be. It is 70% silk/cotton with 15% wool and 15% nylon. But it was such a loose yarn, which broke a couple of times without any encouragement, that I wonder if the nylon is going to do its job. I wish there had been less ties in the yarn, a couple a ball, but worst is that at one point when joining yarn after a break they didn’t bother following the colour scheme and so way too much of one colour scheme came in a row which made that portion of the yarn unusable. Still, despite these criticisms, I have to say I would use it again. The colour schemes are lovely and finally Noro has come up with a yarn that is skin bearable for me. I can’t make myself buy a yarn on the assurance that it will become acceptable to the skin in the fullness of time. It’s now or never for me.


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