Day three and a meat revelation

Much as I want to defend the idea of Geneva being  not especially expensive to live in, the fact is meat is way out of my budget and at least twice what it would be in Australia. $50 kg for beef. Lamb’s tongues $23/kg!!! At first glance pork seems to be cheapest.

But Charlotte had told me that Manor and Migros, both big chains, sell off some of their meat cheaply at the end of the day. So, I hung around Manor this evening and sure enough about 6pm or so, out came very nice looking meat at a doable price. I got some of each of beef and veal mince for $11/kg – so at about half price you can see how expensive meat is here. I would not be buying mince at $22/kg.  At $11/kg, on the other hand, it isn’t so much more than good quality mince in Australia. A spaghetti meat sauce? Or maybe meatballs. I’ll be deciding that tomorrow. I haven’t eaten meat for ages and I’m missing it. Tonight I figure I’m going to have – meat dreams.

That, some Reggio Parmiggiano and a box of Ritz crackers came to $18.50, a perfectly reasonable price.

$142+$18= $160 total spent

Average: $160/3= $53


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